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The Philosophy....

The philosophy behind Syntra is simple. Provide a service that is affordable and fast without compromising on the quality of the output. For me it comes down to genuine communication with clients, understanding their needs, being transparent, and only taking on as much as I can manage – never less, never more. Also, it’s important for me to always find things that I really enjoy doing so that I can create a flow state from the start. I’m always looking for new ideas, tools, practices, books – anything that will make me better at what I do. I specialise in Local SEO, ebsite audits and WordPress CMS, and On-Page Optimization. I’m also proud to work with a number of very talented graphic designers and copywriters to bring out the best in each project.


Site Health Audit

Audits are absolutely necessary to measure the health of your website. They provide you with important insights into problems that could be holding you back

On Page Optimisation

On-page SEO simply refers to optimising the structure and content of a website to increase its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

WordPress Web Design

If you feel that your current website needs improvement or if you feel that it is time to go online with a new website, do not hesitate to contact me. I can assist you with your needs and create you a beautiful website using WordPress.

Local Business SEO

If you want local customers to find you online, you need to put your business on the map. My Local SEO campaign brings more visibility , traffic and leads.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO provides the foundation for any site to be able to be crawled and indexed properly.